August 10, 2009


Welcome to a forum for discussion on a variety of subjects; Rain Gutter Cleaning Tools, Rain Gutter Maintenance; Rain Water Harvesting, Rain Barrels; Victory Gardens, and other Subjects of Interest that are Made in the USA and others will be added as requested.

At 70 years of age I still believe I am blessed to have the opportunity and means to share with others and most of all the privilege of being . ..

"Born In The USA!"

Because of this tremendous privilege, no matter how young or old you are, you have the same unique opportunity to create an idea and bring it to the market place. You will see what I am talking about if you visit me at  (I'm the one in the pink sweater.)

I'm not "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena" that the Beach Boys sang about, but when you read my story you may find yourself saying, "Go Granny Go!" I wasn't thinking about retirement, just yet, and I still had things to do. Never did I dream I would becoming an inventor!

However, after being quoted $250 to clean my gutters last year, I knew there just had to be a less expensive way. Looking at the tools available and having used almost all of them to no avail, it was either "pay up" or "climb up" on the roof again, by myself, as my husband's profession kept him away from home so much there was no time left for him to climb the ladder and clean the gutters!

Like all good things, "necessity" really did become "the mother of invention." Or, in my case, "great-grandmother of invention!" All experts agree, if you haven't maintained your rain gutters prior to the rainy season (in Florida the Hurricane Season) chances are damage will occur from gutters overflowing. Clogged gutters allow water to accumulate and can cause fascia boards to rot and do damage to your roof, plants, lawn furniture, sidewalks, or porch. Not to mention the added weight of the accumulating wet leaves and debris that will cause gutters to sag and separate from your house.

During the very dry season leaves left in gutters can become a potential fire hazard, as well as place for mosquitoes and roaches to breed and spread over 34 infectious diseases. During the winter months the weight of snow itself can cause gutters to sag and pull away from the house. Standing water can freeze and damage them as well.

I discovered while researching that since 1990 more than 2.1 million reported injuries and even deaths occurred due to falls from ladders, while maintaining gutters or the roof! Each year adds to the stats by 50%, with males, aged 40-59, being the highest injured group. I decided there had to be a better, safer way, even for "granny" to clean her gutters!

After much prayer and many pieces of wasted paper (due to redesigns) my prayers where finally answered. I came up with the idea to use our shop vac to vacuum out the gutters from the ground! Thanks to my husband,s experience with electrical drawings and specifications, he came up with the right design that we believed might work.

Several weeks later, we showed our idea to a friend who owns an automotive repair service. He said, "I think I can make something that might work." Less than a week later he came "bearing his gift." Oh, yeah!!!! Nothing like a 15 lb, 60 inch, shepherds staff, made out of automotive exhaust pipe! This was just for was all clean..."my gutters!"

Because the tool worked so well all of our friends and family said we should make it available for others. The idea went from my needing a "better mouse trap" to the process of getting a patent attorney, applying for a patent, locating a manufacturer, marketing, advertising, website design, demonstrations, and finally sales! Now we have the Gutter Clutter Buster™  in our hot little hands to provide a safer, faster, easier and cleaner method for others to clean rain gutters.

It was so important to both my husband and myself that if we were going to manufacture this new gutter cleaning tool, it would be "Made In the USA!" Even though we had been approached by brokers, who told us we could make it for 70% less if made in China, we refused to out-source our invention to somewhere other than the USA.

We love our country and even though our economy is not at its best, we wanted to provide jobs for our countrymen/women and not some other country. We prayed that if we were to do this, that every door would open, for our customer's best interest. And, it did!

We recently completed one commitment and pledge we made prior to our first sale. We made a pledge to donate $1 from the sale of the first 1,000 tools to our local food bank so that those in need and the homeless could have warm meals, cold drinks, and a place to rest, knowing that somebody cares for them! We completed that pledge last month and Our Daily Bread of Bradenton, Florida received our donation that will feed 250 people a day for one month.  And, our pledge continue even today, as you read this!

We give praise, honor and glory to Father God for all His blessings, "pressed down, shaken together and overflowing". So, now that I've shared my story with you, I hope you will take a moment and share your comments, thoughts, and views with me.

"Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled!"

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and see my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."         II Chron. 7:14