Gutter Clutter Buster Review

Why I Endorse the Gutter Clutter Buster®

Author:  James W. Ungar
Certified Residential Contractor
CRC 1330123

I hope this product is doing well for you. If it isn’t it should be. This is why I endorse your product.

As a Fl. Licensed Residential Contractor, InterNachi Certified Master Home Inspector, Licensed Fl. Home Inspector and Owner of a large Insurance Inspection Company, I have been up and down more ladders in a month than most people will climb in a lifetime.

My own Miracle happened on August 21, 2012. A routine roof inspection;  snap two pictures from the ladder and come down, no problem but on this day, this simple task was anything but routine.  I was I descending the ladder, the ladder flipped over and I fell 8 feet onto a cement sidewalk. I knew when I landed I broke my back. My cell phone in the car and an empty neighborhood. This was a bad position to be in. After 45 minutes, I was finally spotted by couple on a golf cart and they called 911. Upon reaching the hospital the first thing they asked me was, “what were you doing, cleaning gutters?
Now your product would not have helped on that day however my point is this; if a veteran like myself can fall and get seriously hurt; I can only imagine how many homeowners fall every year cleaning gutters. No one around to call for help or here your cries for help when you fall. Trust me it is a bad position to be in.
If more homeowners and building maintenance workers would use the GUTTER CLUSTER BUSTER the job would be easier and no one gets hurt. You have a great product and I hope more people will see that $29.99 vs. a ladder fall is a small price to pay for safety and convenience. This is a no brainer.
Keep up the good work  and I wonder just how lives or injuries your product saved.
Thank you,
Your business is greatly appreciated,

James W. Ungar
Certified Residential Contractor
CRC 1330123

Fl Licensed Home Inspector

Certified Master Inspector
InterNachi CMI

Lighthouse Property Inspection Services, Inc.

Getting Ready For Fall Clean Up and Maintenance

"Wake Up With Al"

Al Roker and Stephen Fanuka of DIY
"Million Dollar Contractor"

September 21, 2012
Weather Channel TV

What a wonderful surprise this morning to "Wake Up With Al" and find that he is premiering the Gutter Clutter Buster® Tools on their segment "Getting Ready For Fall."

In case you "missed it" you can now view it at the following link and see how excited Al was about our great method for cleaning up rain gutters, cobwebs, insects, dust, dirt, and debris from high, hard to reach areas around your home, business, farm, stables, factory and commercial buildings while remaining safely on the ground.

No more ladders to drag around the exterior premise of buildings during Fall clean up.  No more injuries by falling from a dangerous ladder.  No more breathing in virus, mold, mildew, allergens and contaminants that have settled into gutters and around the area being cleaned which could cause a potential health problem.



Robert Kay: March 26, 2012
Because we "listened" to customers who desired to use the Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool to "blow out" their rain gutters from the ground, we took it to heart. In spite of the fact, we feel strongly that it is much healthier and safer to "vacuum" out gutter debris.
Vacuuming in lieu of blowing gutter debris, helps eliminate possible breathing problems for the user, as well as keeping all debris contained from gutter to vac canister, while keeping allergens and contaminants from being blown into and around the surrounding environment.

Another great reason for the upgraded Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool is that it gives homeowners and professional cleaning companies the ability to clean gutters that are smaller than 3 inches in width, from the ground; specifically mobile home rain gutters and 2" shed gutters.

The working end of the "candy cane" shape tool now features a "male connection" so the tool itself will accept all your wet/dry vacuum attachments. The "crack 'n crevice" attachment, "brush", "wide mouth attachment" and the "blower nozzle", etc. can all be connected to the working end of the 60 inch, one-piece, Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool.

Many of our customers were not aware that our 54" Extension wands allowed them to also connect any of their wet/dry vacuum attachments to the end of the wand for vacuuming other areas around the home.

This can still be done, and now, along with the redesigned end of the Gutter Clutter Buster® Tool, you have the option of connecting as many extensions as needed to reach the higher areas from which you wish to vacuum or clean by using your blower nozzle.

Some of these cleaning chores include; but are not limited to, vacuuming or blowing cobwebs from eaves and gables, as well as, dirt, bugs, and spiders from windows, doors, porch ceilings, patios, and even your automobile (by using the soft brush attachment). Any other area that needs an extra touch of "curb appeal" can now be cleaned with your attachments connected to the Gutter Clutter Buster® or the Gutter Clutter Buster® Extensions. You will do these chores faster, safer and easier without the need of ladders.

And, just think....
you can do all this for the same low price as our original GCB Tool!! We could do all this, only because of our great Florida manufacturer, who diligently worked with us to make available a quality product that will keep preforming proficiently  for years to come and it is still made from the same durable, virgin PVC, with "no lead" content and is 100% Made In USA, including the packaging.

We continue to support and increase American jobs, by standing firm that our products remain... "Made In America".


PRESS RELEASE March 17, 2012

Voice of "We The People"


Subject: : New Bible strips 'God,' 'Jesus,' 'angels'

What next????  Will Father God become Mother Nature?!  And Thomas Nelson???  They used to be one of my clients when I lived in Nashville and worked for the world's biggest printing company.  Their production managers were devout Christians.  Their decision makers/acquisitions department/editors on this project are misguided, blinded, greedy or dead in spirit.

There are, indeed, dire warnings about changing one jot or one tiddle.  Scripture is the inerrant, Most Sacred Word of God.  And, yes, Jesus has many titles but He is Yeshua--the Anointed One, the Messiah, Emmanuel, Wonderful, Counselor, the Morning Star, the Way, the Truth and the Life.  But His name is Jesus!  Many were thought/hoped to be the Messiah and incomplete Jews are still looking for their Messiah.  But there is, was and ever shall be one Jesus of Nazareth, God's Only Begotten Son.  And when the ancient text puts ink to parchment or stylus to clay and scribes Yeshua/Jesus, then that is how it should remain--now and forever.  Amen!  Amen and again I say Amen! 

All Glory and Praise and Honor Most High to Him!  Nothing can or will prevail against Our Lord.  But woe unto those who fail to show proper Awe.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. 

Lord, all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, cry out for Your Mercy upon these lost ones.  But none so lost as he who will not be saved.  Father God, we tremble before your Justice but know Your ways are righteous.  We share Your anguish for the souls who deny Your Sovereignty, Your Might, Your Light, Your Right. 

Heaven help us all,

Michele W.